STAGES - Ep.14 A Look Behind OpenStage Theatre and Company's presentation of Much Ado About Nothing with Judith Allen

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FC Public Media Original Production
A discussion with Director Judith Allen about OpenStage Theatre & Company's production of “Much Ado About Nothing”. Also joining the show is actors, Sydney Parks Smith & James Burns. Hosted by Lenny Scovel The war is over! Or is it? The soldiers may be returning from WWII, but between Benedick and Beatrice, the battle is just beginning. Stubborn bachelor Benedick thinks he hates Beatrice, but he doesn’t. Self-assured Beatrice thinks she hates Benedick, but she really doesn’t. Despite obstacles of all sorts and the meddling of some quirky characters, truth and honesty win the day with love conquering all. William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is a lively showdown between the sexes with razor sharp wordplay, romantic hijinks, and robust hilarity. STAGES is a regular series produced by FC Public Media that features performance venues, productions and their creators within the City of Fort Collins, CO. Executive Producer:: Chris Winslow Directed by:: Chris Winslow Associate Producer:: Steve Finnestead

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